What does the Engagement Ring Represent?

Many people know the importance of transmitting the love that one feels for the other when you give them a ring during a marriage proposal. An object that symbolizes the desire to share a life together, a commitment. However, there are still people who do not know what the engagement ring really represents.

At beaprincess we tell you the true meaning of engagement rings, discover what you are really saying to the person you love with a gift as special as an engagement ring.

Do you know what the meaning of an engagement ring is?

Giving an engagement ring can have more meanings than you might think. In case you are not clear about what an engagement ring can represent during your engagement, pay attention, what we are about to tell you interests you.

The promise

The promise to always be together, to be faithful and loyal and to know that one can always count on the other. The importance of establishing a bond of affection and trust between the two that must be unbreakable.


The commitment to one another, to always be in happy moments and in difficult moments. The commitment to be a team that will always support each other no matter what happens.

Marriage durability

The feeling of will for the commitment to work and form a marriage that lasts until the end of your days.

Present past and future

The desire to continue advancing in the different stages of the couple, you started as a wedding couple, you continued towards a new stage in which you became a married couple and you will advance to the future in which your commitment will be unbreakable.

What does the number of stones in an engagement ring mean?

It turns out that the number of precious stones in an engagement ring has a different meaning for the one to whom it is given.

Single stone rings

These rings are called solitaires. That a ring has a single stone symbolizes the union of two people who love each other as one. Represents the union of the couple in a unique way.

Alba Ring

Rings of three precious stones

Those rings with three gemstones set have a different meaning than the solitary ones, each stone of the ring represents each of the stages that are lived during the couple's relationship in terms of marriage: the past of the couple, the present married and the future of Until death separates them.

Eve Trilogy Ring

Why is the ring put on the left ring?

Well yes, as you hear it, placing the engagement ring on the left ring finger also has a reason. It is said that in that finger there is a vein that goes directly to our heart, which symbolizes that the commitment you have with your partner to a common project after marriage is from the heart.

What does the color of an engagement ring mean?

The color of the stone set in the engagement ring also has a special meaning, and at Beaprincess we tell you what it is. Take note.

Rings with stones in pink tones

The pink color in jewelry means clarity for the themes of the heart, it means romanticism and love in its purest form.

Rings with stones in blue tones

The blue color, like that of sapphires, gives a feeling of happiness. They mean tranquility and a lot of security, a color that helps seal the bonds of the couple.

Blue Princess Ring

Rings with stones in white tones

White, like diamonds, conveys purity, the true state of full love. Diamond engagement rings are the most demanded in relation to the bridal world.

Sweet Love Ring

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