Crown shaped rings

You came to the best place to buy your crown-shaped rings for men and women , we have brands such as pandora or swarovski, silver  or  gold , and many other brands and metals. You will find very sought after alliances , such as white gold , for both men and women , to look like a king and a queen , so that your baby has his first gift and so that a quinceañera princess will always remember her 15 years. Look at all the ring models :

In this place you will find all the details about alliances in the shape of a crown . From its meaning, its origin, its history, to its multiple designs and characteristics , you will also learn where, why and what to use them for and who to give you a good gift that symbolizes love .

What meaning do crown-shaped rings have?

The corona rings have a meaning very noble and sincere, neither more nor less than the ... LOYALTY . We know that this is a quality of the most necessary and valued in life, whether in the family, work, faith, etc.

Each crown has its own meaning!

Watch this video where we explain in detail the details of each crown ring model so that you can choose the one that best suits your personality or sentimental situation .

Who can I share a crown ring with?

You can share them with whoever you think you have an important bond with , be it love , friendship , or a simple moment that you want to leave together for a lifetime . They are ideal for use with your partner , to seal the great love they feel and want to last forever and so feel like a king and one queen .

As for friendship , they are used to decree the sincere and eternal union with that friend that you love as a brother, so that they are always with a piece of the other person, wherever they are.

As for children and adolescents, they are a gift from parents to them both for their first years of life and, for example, in a woman, their precious fifteen years . That long-awaited moment for a girl, celebrating her 15th means celebrating her new stage in life, as a woman and what better than to be wearing a crown-shaped ring to give the final touch to her dream outfit, to feel like a princess. , a beautiful little princess .

On which finger does the engagement ring go?

Where you are going to wear your crown ring is very important. Here we are going to show you the different looks for each finger and each hand .

  1. Little finger: a sign of sensitivity and good communication, leadership.
  2. Ring finger: personality of success, perfectionist, that enhances creativity.
  3. Middle finger: indecision, always unstable personality, without power of decision by itself.
  4. Index finger: optimistic self-esteem, with futuristic vision and good life thoughts.
  5. Thumb: authoritarian, overwhelming personality, with a lot of decision.

Why buy rings with crowns?

Crown-shaped rings have current designs that express great love and sensitivity. These rings crowns reflect the unique air that accompanies you wherever you go, with lots of  models: from rose gold, of 925, of xv, of enchanted crown style, and many more.

Alliances marriage for your wedding all to see which are the marriage most distinguished and are the couple who always surprise you with original designs from boyfriends and everywhere carry the commitment of eternal promise . A very recurring model between a groom and a bride is the Claddagh ring , a design with two hands and a heart with a crown.